Jerry Goodson

Sep 04,2014

Hi Eddie, Thanks so much for the videos. They are by far the best instructional videos on the market for remodeling. I also wanted to check and see if the “Finishing Touches” video had been completed yet. Thanks again,

Jim Arend

Aug 13,2014

To test your product I bought the framing videos. I enjoyed them so much now I want to round out my set with the remaining videos from the $147 package you offer. Can I pay the difference between the initial $69 and $147 videos to download the remaining videos associated with the A to Z series?


Jul 26,2014

These videos are amazing! My husband and I have framed our basement in almost two weeks! How do you clean a basement? I have swept, mopped, vacuumed and when I shoot a nail gun a puff of dirt blows in the air!! I am at the point where I want to power wash it down the ...Read More


Jul 08,2014

Dear Ed, Thank you so much for having such informative videos training for people like me. I have zero experience when it comes to framing the basement. Before I purchased your videos I went Lowe’s and bought 45 pieces of 2 x 3s to put up the basement framing which was recommended by the Lowe’s people, ...Read More

Jeff Morgan

Jun 28,2014

I would like to say thanks for doing this. Any hesitations I had about doing some work in the basement have mostly been put to ease thanks to these videos. Very informative.


May 25,2014

I am just waiting to purchase your bathroom and kitchen remodel videos as well. Let me know when it will be available. You are the best.

Butch Spencer

May 17,2014

I’ll be looking for that drywall video as well! Thanks for adding to your library of topics. I bought the Basement A-Z series and have been thoroughly impressed with the level of detail. Do-it-yourself TV has nothing on you guys! Keep up the good work!


May 08,2014

Thank you for producing such an outstanding and to the point series of training videos. I just purchased the Pro Video Series and can’t stop watching them. Your videos have given me all the detailed instructions I need and the confidence to finish my basement.


May 07,2014

Eddie,Thanks for re-sending plumbing videos 1 and 4. FYI, I found out that I needed to download those two videos in “standard definition” to get them to work. All other videos on the total basement package worked in “high definition” except for those two. Let me know when you finish up your drywall video. If you ...Read More

Joe Dinardi

Apr 08,2014

I love the video series. It’s been very helpful. I could not have attempted to finish my basement without it. I really like how you explain things so that a novice can understand. Most of the videos on line don’t go into detail, and assume that I know how to do certain steps of a project, ...Read More

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