Feb 15,2015

What I like the most is the step by step instructions and your way of explanation. You are not only great with your hands but you are also a great communicator. You have done a fantastic job!! Keep up the good work. The videos I have purchased are worth every penny. Can't wait to move in ...Read More


Feb 08,2015

I have to say Eddie…your videos are freekin awesome. Very smart move on your part. Well done. I’m about halfway through them. If you need an endorsement for anything, let me know. I’d be happy to sing your praises.


Feb 06,2015

Thanks so much for the prompt reply, Eddie, re-sending it did the trick! I’m in the midst of a whole house remodel and your basement series has been instrumental in helping me get a few projects knocked out. So much so that since I have a kitchen remodel in my near future I figured I’d pick ...Read More

Ken Pasque

Feb 02,2015

My man! I’m tellin’ ya… I love your videos a lot! Now you got me all excited to do my basement LOL. I am curious if I can pay you a consultant fee to help me design my basement? I would sure like your input as to where to place a batchroom and what to do ...Read More

Joe Hardwick J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

Jan 05,2015

Will do Eddie, I must say that I feel very accomplished today and scored a few extra points with my wife for finishing the framing, building soffits etc and getting everything plumb and level.

Mike Greene

Dec 23,2014

Love your videos. I have finished a couple of other basements. But I really did not know what I was doing. This is the first time my drywall edges actually landed on studs. I also bought a nail gun. What a difference that has made so far. I am now starting to build a built in ...Read More

Mark Johnson

Dec 13,2014

Thanks for posting all of your how to videos. You gave me enough confidence to start finishing my own basement.


Nov 10,2014

Great videos…..I am considering doing my basement and stumbled across your videos…..I stayed up last night till 2AM watching…I felt like a kid on Christmas morning……great job!! Just bought the pro-series videos. Love your work and keep it up. Downloading them now and can’t wait to watch. I hope this takes off for you. Good Luck!


Oct 07,2014

I’m a 20 year drywall/painting contractor that was looking to expand my knowledge of other trades and hopefully my business. I happened to find you here and was skeptical about learning anything from a video. But i have to admit after purchasing one of your videos I’m convinced you know your stuff. I appreciate the fact ...Read More


Sep 15,2014

Eddie, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your videos. I found you on YouTube and appreciate that you had posted enough of the framing video to show my Dad and I how to frame my basement (which we did today–see picture below.). All 16″ on center. Your YouTube video was so good, ...Read More

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