Fred Jaehnke

Sep 23,2015

I wanted to start by saying your video’s are fantastic! People would foolish to not take advantage of the great value you’re providing. Prior to coming across your videos I had purchased a few books and consider them a total waste of money. Your videos are so much more comprehensive and you cannot beat the visual ...Read More


Sep 18,2015

Thanks Eddie,Your videos are great and your service is super.

Gerry Nash

Sep 15,2015

Thanks Eddie,I just sent you the money on PayPal. My wife and I were hanging drywall today in a room we started. Wish I’d studied your videos before we shot the first nail. Would have made our lives a lot easier. Thankfully we’ll have the videos before we start the big rooms.


Sep 12,2015

I like the way you explain things and also when you put extra emphasis on important points. The pop up comments on the screen is also very helpful. Overall your video is great for an armature to a novice. I have yet to watch other videos but will do it as I progress with the project. ...Read More


Aug 18,2015

Very interesting day went through some of the videos especially liked the mind map exercise and the tutorial on the Home Designer Suite. Good detail and made the use of the product easy. I purchased and downloaded the 2014 version from Amazon for $99 best money I spent. In a few hours I completely layed out ...Read More


Aug 17,2015

Hi Ed, I love your videos, they are very informal and very professional. I recently purchased your package from the Basement Store and showed my dad who is a carpenter for 25 years. He says your methods make a lot of sense and is amazed with your knowledge and teaching skills, I can only say the ...Read More


Aug 08,2015

Eddie,Thanks for your prompt reply. I purchased a BFU membership although I won’t be ready to start a project for quite awhile.I was VERY impressed by your videos on YouTube and on your site and was compelled to compensate you for the superb quality of material you provide. Keep up the GREAT work!!

Scott S. Utah

Aug 02,2015

The videos have worked out very very well. I have mainly used the framing and drywall videos. What is great is that I do a project and then months later am ready for the next. I forget many of the detailed steps and shortcut, but a quick re-watch gets me up to speed. It has been ...Read More

Kurtis E. Fredericks, E.I.T.,Design Engineer, J-U-B ENGINEERS, Inc.

Jul 15,2015

Great! Thanks Eddie. I am watching your framing videos as we speak. Great videos and easy to follow! Best $99 I have spent in a long time. Thank you so much for your help.

Jed Ruter

Jul 08,2015

Hi Mr. Case, I purchased your videos about a month ago and just finished all of them. They are absolutely amazing. You did such a great job putting these together. Great Job!!!!!!

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