Dec 12,2015

I’m making pretty good progress on my winter project. Just had my framing and electrical inspection. I still have plumbing to do before I can start the drywalling phase. I appreciate your videos, they definitely gave me the confidence to do this on my own.

Tom Wilkins

Nov 30,2015

Guys: These are simply the best videos out there. I bought Eddie’s basement series for help in finishing my basement. Top notch and helped me save thousands. For my wet bar installation I balked at the price of the cabinet video and bought a cheaper video. Should have saved the twenty bucks. His efforts make it ...Read More


Nov 25,2015

I want to say thank you for putting together such a great series of videos. I’m an auto mechanic by trade, and have no experience with residential maintenance and repair whatsoever. I purchased your videos to learn the basics of installing drywall, framing, and electrical because of recent damage from a leaky roof. Your work has ...Read More


Nov 21,2015

You the man Eddie! I have been telling others about how great these videos are.

Justin Bushey

Nov 17,2015

Just wanted to say if you think these videos are good then you will love his pro series! I just got them and I’m already 30 minutes into them and learning a lot! Great videos Eddie and keep it up!!

Aaron Galer

Nov 14,2015

All in all your videos have helped me save thousands of dollars by doing everything myself – plus I now have a nice tool collection for future projects. One bit of advice that I would add is to tell those weekend warriors to only purchase enough wood to last them the weekend. Anything more will be ...Read More

Benjamin Britton

Nov 14,2015

I used your video series to finish up on my partially finished basement. After attending college for about 10 years now, much of it online, I have to say your series is on par and even better than many of my ‘collegiate’ classes. For what you offer and the price, essentially a semester’s worth of material, ...Read More

Emily Straw

Nov 02,2015

Hey guys! We have finally finished phase 1 of finishing our basement. I would love for you to take a look! Thank you so much for making your video series, we are working on insulating right now! Blessings!

Jeff King, Nebraska

Oct 15,2015

I thought about taking some photos or video of my first attempt at framing the basement using information from a well-known basement finishing book; however, after watching your framing series I was in too much of a hurry to tear out all of my efforts thus far and start over. That’s right, I had to take ...Read More

Bob Miller

Sep 24,2015

I purchased your Pro Video A to Z series videos earlier this year, and without doubt, it Is THE BEST INVESTMENT I’VE EVER MADE!! I am still in the framing and wiring stage, and I’ve watched some of your framing and wiring videos 2 – 3 times as refreshers before I “get back at it”. The ...Read More

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