John Umbach

Mar 16,2016

Thanks for the contact! Thanks to your program, it’s done, it’s awesome and it’s done right! I’ll put together pictures and more details for you over the weekend. What you have created is huge for people like me. Thanks again for taking the time and effort in creating this concept!

Brian barley

Feb 17,2016

Hey Eddie,Just wanted to send out a quick thank you for these awesome videos. I’m a Retired Green Beret and have been getting ready to make over my basement. Unlike Afghanistan, I didn’t have a battle plan on how to attack this mission. Thanks to you, I feel more than confident on this ambush. One question ...Read More

John Urban

Feb 16,2016

On a side note (testament to your program)… and as someone who has never built anything like this, I got some major compliments from a high profile contractor who took a look at the framing and soffit work I had done. We have a 2 year old with cancer, so a northeast contractor, who occasionally does ...Read More

Gary Dunn

Feb 15,2016

Just wanted to let you know that I purchased your Basement Finishing video last year and though I’m not under any pressure to get it done and I’m 56 years old and have never attempted anything like this before, I have my basement framed and electric almost done so I can get inspected and I have ...Read More


Feb 13,2016

First I ‘ve got to say thanks for the unbelievable amount of help your videos have been. I’m a mechanical designer with GE Aviation here in Cincinnati and appreciate the idea of doing things right the first time. Your video instruction provides confidence that someone like me can tackle a project as specialized as finishing a ...Read More

Isaac South

Jan 25,2016

Thanks for reading my question. I purchased the A to Z set of videos and I’m VERY VERY VERY pleased with them. I’ve already started framing my first wall. With the help of the videos, I was so confident and I was able to get my first wall installed with almost NO problems (other than smashing ...Read More


Jan 23,2016

I wanna buy Tom a BEER! As a raw rookie my basement came out great! A buddy of mine who works at Depot and is great with his hands could not believe how well my drywall finishing skills are. He told me he learned something from watching me! I told him, I don’t know anything other ...Read More


Jan 16,2016

I bought your built-in and electrical videos and they were great! I knew very little about electrical before watching your videos. I after watching them, I fired my electrical contractor and wired ( all by myself) the home theater I am now building with 2 Lutron Grafik eye controllers. Saved $5000! I even installed a three ...Read More

Greg Pruitt

Jan 08,2016

I want to thank you for making these videos, and for your abilities to explain these techniques as expertly as you do. I have watched other videos of experts attempt to describe similar procedures. You clearly have a talent for teaching. (more…)

Daniel Garvin

Dec 21,2015

Very well done, you remind me of mike homes doing it right no short cuts and it shows in the finished work. i am architect and I seen it all,well done.

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