Joel Romero

May 23,2016

Thanks again Eddie. I have to tell you I’m addicted to these videos. I can’t stop watching them, a lot of great ideas. Thank you for putting out a great collection. Also, just noticed your kitchen remodel videos. I’m saving up and hope to catch them on sale.Thanks Eddie. ;)

Michael Blackburn

Apr 21,2016

My basement project is progressing very well!! I couldn’t have done it without your videos! They are a god-send! I love the step-by-step nature of the video training. I will send you some pics of my progression as I get further into the project! Thanks for making this series!

Lori Orchid

Apr 19,2016

I just wanted to say Thank you for the videos you have posted on youtube. Being a woman, no one ever wants to train us to do these kinds of things. I was forced into learning how to do most of the remodeling and repairs at our home when I was a child along with my ...Read More

Marc Angellis

Apr 18,2016

Eddie,WOW!!! What a difference! I don’t know what you did but they’re working now!!! Thank you very much for your prompt attention. Couldn’t ask for a better response. Thank you for the free membership! I will definitely check it out. You go above and beyond! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!! You and your team do a ...Read More


Apr 15,2016

Hello Eddie,Bought the videos and am really enjoying them. My basement has blankets covering the walls and obstructions in all but two exterior corners. Your videos are giving me lots of ideas how to deal with this.Thanks,


Apr 12,2016

Someday when this project is finished, I will send you the before and after pictures. Your videos have helped me beyond all expectations.When I’m done I think I will be able to be a G.C. if I ever want to build myself a new house. I have learned so much!!!Thanks again!

Mike Seeley

Mar 30,2016

I purchased the complete basement finishing set of videos. I have only finished the framing ones so far but have already started my basement and I have to say the information is priceless. No roadblocks so far at all as all necessary details are incorporated into the videos. As soon as I finish the basement I ...Read More

Peter Toone

Mar 18,2016

Your videos are very informative. I have done a decent amount of remodeling over the years, but your videos give me a lot of tips on how to do some things better or easier. Sure beats watching DIY or HGTV where they either skip over the actual work or totally show you the wrong way to ...Read More

Terry Multani

Mar 17,2016

Hi Eddie. …..The basement project was fun…….I saved couple of thousand……..yes and my feed back is 100/100…….I wish I could learn more from u or work with u…….

Kevin Whitman

Mar 17,2016

Hi Eddie,I want to thank you for giving me access to your Basement University website. I spent some time there today and I am thoroughly impressed! I am an airline pilot for a major airline and your training is in the same league with the training that I have to take twice a year. I was ...Read More

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