Nov 21,2016

stairsI like to share my basement finishing student’s successes with my blog readers whenever I get a new testimonial from one of my recent students.

One such student is Ryan Robinson. Ryan was kind enough to send me some awesome before and after pictures of his basement project that he just completed.

After looking at the before and after shots I have to say that Ryan hit-it-out-of-the-park on this project…his attention to detail is everywhere you look!

I can definitely see a lot of my own design style in Ryan’s finished product…which makes me gosh darn proud! Here’s what Ryan had to say in the Email that accompanied the awesome before and after pictures:

My name is Ryan, I purchased your videos about two years ago and “broke ground” on my basement project in March 2015.  I just wanted to say thank you for offering your videos to the “joe schmo” who is capable enough of finishing their own basement and cringes at the cost of having someone else do it for them.  Your price was reasonable and the training certainly gave me enough knowledge to feel comfortable taking on such an immense project.  It was well worth the time/effort/money.

No outside contractors (except for the granite cutting).  Just me and my tools.  Still a few more odds and ends to tie up (trim, bath mirror, staining the stair railings, etc.), but it’s pretty much finished at this point.  I spared you the pictures of the storage and utility closets, but you can get a good idea of what everything looks like.

Thanks again for taking the time to make those videos, they certainly helped make my dreams a reality!

Thanks again!”

Ryan Robinson

Below are the awesome shots of Ryan’s new living spaces! If your planning to finish your own basement I hope that Ryan’s finished basement project pictures give you some design ideas and some “get-fired-up” inspiration to begin your own basement project a.s.a.p!


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