Aug 05,2013

Hide Basement Support Columns – how to cover basement polesHow to hide support columns in the basement? They are ugly and they seem to be everywhere we don’t want them to be! Support columns are just plain annoying! But they are another necessary evil in the basement landscape, because they are holding up our house! And NO YOU CAN’T REMOVE THEM, well actually you can… but it is a major engineering fiasco and I’ll save that one for a future post. But don’t fret to much…there are some pretty clever ways to work these babies into the floor plan and make them look GREAT! I bet I’ve hidden more than a thousand of these support columns over the last 22 years! My two favorite methods for hiding support columns are:

The two best ways to hide support columns are:

Worst way to hide a support column (my opinion):

  • “Box” it out (build directly around it) This just draws more attention to the eye sore!

Hide Basement Support Columns – how to cover basement polesWorking them into a wall totally hides them away and you would never even know they existed it you hadn’t hidden it yourself! But sometimes you want that “open floor plan” feel to the basement plan and building a wall in the middle of the plan to hide the column just won’t work very well In cases like this I like to incorporate the column into a “half-wall”. This is my favorite solution to work support columns into the plan and make em look GREAT! This Home Theater had several of it’s columns hidden tastefully inside the ends of these half walls and it turned out spectacular!

Hide Basement Support Columns – how to cover basement polesHere is a fine example of an UGLY way to hide a support column from view! Might as well just have left the naked steel column and saved some time in the process. I would not do this to a basement even if the homeowners begged me to do it. This type of activity is just SCREAMING “Hey look at me I’m a support column and your in the basement! Whenever possible you want the finished basement to look like another “level of the home” NOT a basement! It all starts with a good Basement Design and a solid “Working Floor Plan.

Hide Basement Support Columns – how to cover basement polesYou really have to sit down and put your design “thinking-cap” on and really try to visualize those support columns disappearing into your floor plan somehow..someway, and doing it tastefully. You want to hide them is such a way that it looks like it was done for a reason, not done just to cover them up.


I hope I gave you some good design tips to use when you start the design phase for the new living space. There is ALWAYS a way to work around the support columns and make it all look great!

As always…good luck with your basement framing projects. I’m always here if you have any questions about your basement project!

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