Here’s a question I get a lot…”Do we need a Radon System installed in our basement”? And to this I say…”let’s test and find out!”

There is an ongoing controversy surrounding the topic of Radon levels in basements and the need to “mitigate” the levels of radon gas present in your basement. The question really is, “if there is some level of radiation present in my basement, is it enough to actually harm my family?”

How do I test for Radon in the basement?

And to this question there seems to be huge differences in opinions as to what’s a safe level and what isn’t! I say better safe than sorry…if your levels are considered to be “to high” then have the Radon System installed in your basement.

It’s a quick job (a few hours tops) and it’s not terribly expensive ($350.00 to $550.00).

Basement Radon Levels | Levels How to Test for RadonIt’s simple to determine your basements radon level, you simply perform a radon test using a store bought radon level test kit.

Or, you can have a professional radon mitigation company come to your home and do the test for you if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself.

This Do-It-Yourself Radon Gas Test Kit is safe and easy to use.You receive two detectors for accurate testing with kit that utilize the most advanced liquid scintillation, short–term detectors, containing Basement Radon Levels | Levels How to Test for Radonactivated charcoal and silica gel desiccants (patented) which is necessary to remove all moisture in order to make your test results accurate and reliable.

It meets all EPA and state requirements. Receive results within 7 business days indicating the exact radon level in your tested area. For real estate transactions, an express service is also available.

Where to purchase a test kit?

This kit pictured here is available online at Walmart’s online store along with several other versions of this type of test kit. The test is super easy to do!

If your test shows you have an “unsafe” level of radon down in the basement “DON’T FREAK OUT”, the radon system will lower the levels to safe living conditions within a few hours of having it installed.

Whats involved with installing a Radon Mitigation System?

Basement Radon Levels | Levels How to Test for RadonThe installation of the system involves cutting and removing one or two  4″ cores” of concrete from your basement floor and inserting a 4″ “thin-wall” plastic pipe down into your concrete floor. The white pipe is then routed out of your basement somewhere and to this pipe a “radon-fan” unit is attached. This fan will “SUCK” the radon gas out from beneath your concrete floor thereby lowering the radon gas level in your home. It’s that simple to do!

Once installed you can finish your basement with the piece of mind of knowing that your family is now safe from prolonged radon exposure.

To this I will add that the system should be installed by a state certified radon mitigation company who will certify the installation in accordance with state radon mitigation regulations. This needs to be done anyway if you ever decide to sell your home, it’s a requirement to let the next buyer know the homes radon level before settlement and closing.

One last thing…since you will be finishing your own basement (at least I hope you will!) you can make suggestions to the radon mitigation contractor as to where you would like the holes drilled in the concrete floor and where you would like the vent pipe to exit the basement. This way…they won’t install the system is a crappy location…say like in the middle of your home theater or your new wet bar location you have planned!

Hope this helps you with your radon concerns and questions!

Good luck with your radon project if you need to have one installed. I’m always here if you have any questions about your basement project! Just leave me a comment below and respond the same day!

Basement Radon Levels | Levels How to Test for Radon

Basement Radon Levels | Levels How to Test for Radon


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