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“Ever since I first picked-up a hammer and tried to use it to drive a nail into a block of wood, it became quite apparent that there’s a right way and wrong way to do things with that tool…as I promptly smashed my thumb with it..I obviously wasn’t using the right technique!” ~Eddie

During a remodeling project, tool operation techniques makeup just a small portion of the many techniques needed to complete the project.

It’s just not enough to fill your shopping cart with cool new tools and a whole bunch of building materials, and then expect your remodeling project to turn-out spectacular. You need to know how to use each of those tools properly, and you need to know how all the pieces (building materials) that make up the entire project are put together correctly and in which order.

Earlier in my remodeling career, I had the fortunate opportunity to watch guys 2 and 3 times my age who had mastered the art of remodeling, showcase their talent right before my young eye’s!

They made routine remodeling tasks that seemed so complicated to me…look like child-splay! In fact…as they worked and ripped through the task at hand, they talked and joked and laughed, it was as if they were on autopilot, like they weren’t even thinking about what it was they were doing…I was in awe, and wanted to be just like them.

Here we are 20 some years later…I’m the older guy now, and I now understand how my mentors made remodeling projects look so easy…because it really is easy, the secret is knowing and fully understanding all the little techniques that when combined make it possible to build or remodel virtually any project that you can dream-up.

But…until I understood that I needed to posses these techniques myself in order to remodel on autopilot, remodeling anything was an absolute chore! In fact…I probably tore-back-out as much of my projects just to start-over and do it the right way, as I actually completed…and that’s a fact!

I remember my first mentor…He was an older guy probably  in his early 50′s (about my age…!), this guy Basement Remodeling Project | How to Finish Your Basementlooked like he was made out of leather from working outside in the sun for 30 years. All the young guys on the job were afraid of him because he mumbled a lot and wasn’t that much into “small talk” if you know what I mean…but man could he use his tools. He was the best on the job, and he could do-it-all, I mean carpentry, electric, plumbing, drywall and much more…and he did it all really well!

Don’t know why, but he took a special interest in helping me whenever I had questions about what to do next, or how exactly to execute when I was attempting something new for the first time. He was patient, understanding and very forgiving of me when I made stupid mistakes.

He’s the one who eventually ended-up teaching me most of what I know today. He’d always say “there’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything in construction, do it wrong and you’ll be tearing it back-out, do it right and you get to move-on with the project”. And he always did things step-by-step, the right way, the first time, and made sure I learned to do it that way as well! I can’t thank him enough.

He’s gone now, but his wisdom, his awesome techniques and his willingness to help others learn the trades will always live-on in me. So now the torch has been passed, and I want to help as many diy’ers as I can learn these simple but super important remodeling techniques. And if that classify’s me as somebodies mentor…I’m super proud of that fact!

This site is dedicated to Basement Finishing, not bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling or building additions or garages…but it doesn’t matter, because the exact same remodeling techniques I’m teaching at this Blog, can be applied across-the-board for any residential remodeling project.

Once you have all the basic remodeling techniques figured-out and locked inside your brain, you will be able to confidently complete any home project you apply your new found skill-sets and these techniques to…I guarantee it.

Sometimes all it takes is the right mentor to come along at the right time for that light bulb to come on.

“It’s time to put your tool belt on!”


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