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Here’s the dilemma: Pre-Planning Your basement is the essential foundation for the entire basement project. It has to be done 100% correct or your project is more or less doomed from the starting gate! But Planning your finished basement can be a PAIN IN THE BUTT!! And if you’ve never finished a basement before that can be an understatement!

In this FREE 15-Lesson Pre-Construction-Prep Training Course, Eddie Case holds your hand as he walks you through the preliminary prep-work that has to be completed on all basement projects. If you want the PERFECT FINISHED BASEMENT the first time around…This is essential Basement Finishing Pre-Construction-Prep training that you don’t want to miss! Click the link below to get started TODAY.

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Basement Finishing University

Basement Finishing UniversityA membership to Basement Finishing University includes everything you need to finish your own basement:

  • Step-by-Step Basement Finishing Videos
  • Material and Tool Lists (for every stage of the job)
  • One-on-One Project Consulting With Me, Eddie, 7 Days a Week
  • 8 Cool Basement Designing Videos
  • And Much More Inside the BFU Members Area…

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