Apr 07,2017

FINISHED BASEMENT IDEAS ( “Your Design is King!”)

We wrapped-up a really awesome basement project a few weeks ago that had some of the nicest features you can add to a finished basement!

Our clients wanted an all out “entertainment zone” style basement and they knew exactly what elements they we’re looking for in their new finished space.

We got the “wish-list” as we call it, from our customer and it included the following finished basement Zones:

  • Big sit-down style Wet Bar
  • Designated Home theater
  • Home Gym Area
  • Full Bath
  • Built-in Lighted Display Cases

The basement had roughly 1,100 sq. ft. of unfinished space for us to work with…and we finished just about every square inch of that space during the project.

With the final design and floor plan that we came up with we we’re able to give the homeowners everything they asked for. The project took about 5 weeks from start to finish and we think it turned out awesome!


I just love it when a plan comes together! When you can stand back and look at what you just created and all you can think is…”Damn! This turned out really nice!” But that just doesn’t happen by chance in the basement finishing world.

There is something going on behind the scene’s… a “secret-sauce” is at work the entire time the project is in progress ensuring that the final outcome of the project will be a beautiful one. And that magic ingredient is…(drum roll)…your “Finished Basement Design”. Without a solid design and floor plan that’s created before the basement project ever begins, you and your finished basement are heading for certain project disaster! I’m talking from real-life real-world experience here.

The beautiful basement we just finished started with a winning finished basement design. A design and plan that the homeowners could see and understand and LOVE before any construction ever began. A Design and plan that we followed and built-from during the entire project. A design and plan that kept us on course from day one right up until the final nail.

You can’t rush perfection. You need to really sit and think about your basement design. You need to plan things out down there making sure it’s all going to work-out in the end. Making sure you have the required space for everything you need your new living space to provide you with.

NEWS-FLASH!!!…it doesn’t always work-out the way you first imagined that it would! And it’s better to find out what’s going to work for your plan now…before you begin the construction phases of your project…than to just dive-in and start winging it with no real plan at work. Starting your basement project without a working floor plan/design is almost always regrettable.

I use a great design software call Home Designer Suite 2017 made by Chief Architect. It’s simple to learn to use and it will take all of the guess work out of your design and plan. I can create a winning design in a few hours and have a working floor plan to follow the very same day! If you don’t like something about the design you’re working on, you simply click your mouse a few more times and change the plan! This is much easier than tearing apart your framing and fixing walls you’ve already built because you don’t like the way they look!

So now you know what the “secret sauce” is and how designing your basement and creating a floor plan before the project begins will save you time, money and a heck of a lot of heartache!


“It’s Time To Put Your Tool Belt On!”

Check out the video below showcasing our clients new finished basement!


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