Framing Layout Tips

Laying out you wall lines on the concrete floor and “chalking” those lines with your chalk Box is the very 1st stage of the basement framing process. Really all your doing is transferring the wall lines shown on your finished floor plan to the floor of the basement.

Although very simple to do, this is one of the most critical phases of any basement finishing project. The reason being, if you mess-up these wall lines your basement walls that you are getting ready to build next are going to be wrong as well! You will be building (framing) walls and positioning those new framed walls directly atop of these chalked walls lines, so they better be in the right positions and locations noted on your “working floor plan”. This floor plan would be done ahead of time, and would have been approved by your code office during the beginning stages of building permit process, if you are “pulling” a building permit for your basement finish project.

Once you have designed your basement and created the “working floor plan” to build from, this locks into position all of the actual wall locations for the entire job! If the design works on paper properly, then it’s layout on the basement floor is justified and it too will work properly.

So, take your time with the layout on  the floor and double and triple check your measurements before you “snap chalk lines” on the floor. These Red chalk lines you will snap are the final resting places for every wall in your new finished basement…they have to right!

A good tip for an easy layout on the floor, make sure you sweep the perimeter of the basement exterior walls extra good so your chalk line will “stick” to the bare concrete. If there is to much dust on the floor your chalk lines will be easily rubbed off during construction causing you to re-chalk your lines and this could possibly screw-up your layout marks!

Use red chalk instead of blue it’s easier to see and follow with your new wall placements. Buy a good chalk box, the cheaper boxes tend to have cheaper string and do not hold chalk as well as the higher grade chalk boxes. Snapping lines on a basement concrete floor is much easier as a two man job, so have a buddy handy for wall layout day!







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