How to Frame around the duct-work in basements

Jul 15,2016

Ahhh yes… that same nagging question that haunts so many D.I.Y. homeowners “How do I frame around all the duct-work overhead in the basement? There’s a bunch of other stuff you have to frame around up there as well! You got your wires, your pipes, and the biggest obstacle of em all… those big ole lengths of duct-work. ...Read More

Fire Blocking Your Basement Framing (It’s Code?)

Jan 25,2016

The subject of Fire Blocking a basement seems to be surrounded by mystery and secrecy. This is an area that seems to be very confusing for a lot of DIY’ers finishing their own basement! I know how you feel…I have been finishing basements for 27 years and in the “old days” nobody ever heard of Fire ...Read More

How Do You Frame a Basement Wall?

Jul 25,2014

Framing all of your 2″ x 4″ basement walls is really the first big “hands-on” stage of the basement finishing project. I love to frame! At the end of the day it really looks like ya did something amazing! So how do we go about this in the most logical, simplest way? Which is the right ...Read More

How To Frame For Basement Doors (and other basement door ideas)

Jul 07,2014

Here’s the question I get most about basement framing basement doors…How wide do I frame the opening in the wall for my doors? This is a very good question! And…I have a very simple answer! What size “rough opening” width do I frame my basement door? So here’s what you do… You frame your door opening ...Read More

How To Order Basement Framing Lumber

Jul 05,2013

Your basement has been designed, your floor plan has been approved, building permits have been issued and your concrete floor layout is completed, it’s now time for the first major hands-on stage of the basement to commence, the FRAMING!! You’ve been dying to get your hands on some power tools at this point, ready to give-er-hell, ...Read More

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