How To Frame A 45 Degree Angled Wall

May 04,2016

I get asked regularly Eddie how do I build a 45 degree angle wall, and I could never Just say:” watch the video I made for you and you’ll see exactly how I do it!…until now. Enjoy this short video that shows you exactly how to build a 45 degree angle wall.  ~Eddie

How to Build a Bar?

Feb 17,2016

A wet bar is right there at the top of the wish list for a lot homeowners finishing the basement! There’s just something alluring about having a bar down in the basement…they just seem to go so well together. I’ve built many bars for my clients over the years and most of them, I’d say over 90% ...Read More

How Do You Frame a Basement Wall?

Jul 25,2014

Framing all of your 2″ x 4″ basement walls is really the first big “hands-on” stage of the basement finishing project. I love to frame! At the end of the day it really looks like ya did something amazing! So how do we go about this in the most logical, simplest way? Which is the right ...Read More

Should you install a sub-panel in your basement? How do you install one? What will it cost?

Jun 29,2014

Do you need to install a sub panel in your basement to handle the new circuits you will be adding to the house? Well that’s a loaded question…and it all depends! Depends on what Mr. Ed you ask? Well…whether or not your existing panel box (load center) has the capacity to handle the additional electric the ...Read More

Basement Windows and Doors (Egress code safety)

Jun 25,2014

Egress Windows…They’re Safe…They’er Code! “Basements by nature are usually dark spaces with small windows. It’s always been one of my goals to brighten-up my clients basements to the best of my ability!” I usually start by adding an egress window if the basement does not already have one. Egress simply mean “the action of going out ...Read More

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