Basement student Matt Henderson’s awesome basement!

Jun 12,2016

One of my BFU basement finishing University membership students Matt Henderson was kind enough to send me a video of his beautiful new finished basement! Matt took his approximately 1000 sq.ft. unfinished space and created a new living space that includes a wet bar, home theater, exercise room, full bathroom and one extra cool “hidden” wine ...Read More

Basement Ideas

Jun 06,2016

BASEMENT FINISHING IDEAS - WHERE DO YOU FIND THEM? You can get some really great ideas that will stir your creative juices for finishing a new basement just looking at  pictures of what other homeowners have created in their little piece of Heaven! You need to be doing this! Pictures are the best way to help you paint that awesome finished ...Read More

Basement Electric Plan – Design Software makes it easy!

Apr 27,2016

Before you strap on the electric tool pouch and fire-up your wire strippers and cordless drill you need a plan of attack for wiring your basement project. You need a basement electric plan to follow. Now before you start to panic about designing your own basement electric plan, I have to tell you it’s so damn ...Read More

Recessed Lights for basement ceilings – Buying Secrets!

Apr 15,2016

OK…If your wondering what lighting should be installed in your new finished basement spaces look no more! The # 1 BEST option for lighting the majority of your finished basement is the 6″ recessed light fixture. I have installed…let me see…over 500 basements worth of these these lights, and each basement had approximately 25 6″ recessed ...Read More

Hiding Basement Poles

Apr 07,2016

How to hide poles in the basement? They are ugly and they seem to be everywhere we don’t want them to be! Support columns are just plain annoying! But they are another necessary evil in the basement landscape, because they are holding up our house! And NO YOU CAN’T REMOVE THEM, well actually you can… but ...Read More

Cost To Build a Bathroom in Basement – materials and labor costs

Mar 23,2016

Alright…How much does it cost to build a bathroom in the basement? Well…It really depends on two major project factors: Are you doing the work yourself, or are you hiring a subcontractor to do a portion or all of the work for you? What are the prices of the bathroom fixtures, accessories and flooring that you ...Read More

Fire Blocking Your Basement Framing (It’s Code?)

Jan 25,2016

The subject of Fire Blocking a basement seems to be surrounded by mystery and secrecy. This is an area that seems to be very confusing for a lot of DIY’ers finishing their own basement! I know how you feel…I have been finishing basements for 27 years and in the “old days” nobody ever heard of Fire ...Read More

Basement Toilets – How they work? – What to Buy!

Oct 13,2015

Well here’s a sexy topic…Basement Toilets…Oh yeah bring it on! A basement toilet is a necessary addition to your basement bathroom, but plumbing a basement toilet is a different animal. Check out these solutions for installing a new “Porcelain God” in your basement bathroom. One option for basement plumbing is below ground water and waste pipes. ...Read More

How Do I Heat My Basement?

Aug 30,2015

How do I heat my Basement? This is a popular question…one I get a lot. There are several different types of basement heating sources you can choice from. One of these sources would be considered a “primary” heating system and the others” both secondary” heating systems. We all know it’s naturally cooler in our basement. The ...Read More

How To Frame For Basement Doors (and other basement door ideas)

Jul 07,2014

Here’s the question I get most about basement framing basement doors…How wide do I frame the opening in the wall for my doors? This is a very good question! And…I have a very simple answer! What size “rough opening” width do I frame my basement door? So here’s what you do… You frame your door opening ...Read More

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