Basement Drop Ceiling People This Way Please!

Jun 24,2014

Well I think we all know how I personally feel about drop ceilings…but that doesn’t mean my taste in ceilings reigns supreme. I do know a lot of folks who love the old suspended ceiling look and prefer to have one installed instead of a drywall ceiling their basement. To be fair to the drop ceiling ...Read More

Hiring subcontractors for basement project (Potential Nightmare!)

Jun 23,2014

A lot of us do not want to tackle every phase of the project all by ourselves. So…we must figure out the BEST way to subcontract those portions of the project to others. Naturally we will want to hire someone who is an outright professional in those departments to ensure we get the job done correctly ...Read More

Drop Ceilings or Drywall Ceilings (the age-old question) which right for you?

Jun 23,2014

What do I think about drop ceilings?  I’m not a fan! Most drop ceilings look tacky and outdated to me. I personally can’t think of any professional reason why anyone would want to have one of these ceilings installed in they’re brand new finished basement space (just my opinion:-) The Top 10 reasons why my basement ...Read More

Listen to 100 DIY homeowners who are finishing their own basements!

Apr 25,2014

 I get a lot of emails daily from my students. Most of this mail is questions about the basement project that they are in the midst of. But a few times a week I get the privilege of reading some testimonials from folks who are making progress with their basement projects…I love this email the BEST! ...Read More

Step by Step Basement Finishing (DIY style!)

Apr 16,2014

I have a basement finishing Mind Map here that breaks down all of the stages of finishing your basement. I hope this mind-map helps to set-you-straight down that basement finishing path. This is a step by step basement finishing blueprint designed for folks new to the basement finishing game. There is a system to finishing your basement that ...Read More

Hide Basement Support Columns – how to cover basement poles

Aug 05,2013

How to hide support columns in the basement? They are ugly and they seem to be everywhere we don’t want them to be! Support columns are just plain annoying! But they are another necessary evil in the basement landscape, because they are holding up our house! And NO YOU CAN’T REMOVE THEM, well actually you can… but ...Read More

How To Finish a Basement (The Pro Way!)

Jul 05,2013

How do I finish a basement? This is a really multi-faceted question, and I would need several chapters to explain it to you completely. I guess the best way to start to unravel this question would be by separating a typical basement project into the main stages of basement finishing. I’ve listed them below in the ...Read More

How To Order Basement Framing Lumber

Jul 05,2013

Your basement has been designed, your floor plan has been approved, building permits have been issued and your concrete floor layout is completed, it’s now time for the first major hands-on stage of the basement to commence, the FRAMING!! You’ve been dying to get your hands on some power tools at this point, ready to give-er-hell, ...Read More

Let’s Get Down To Business!

Dec 29,2012

This website is dedicated to those DIY homeowners who are thinking about finishing the basement partially or completely by themselves. Homeowners looking for answers pertaining to basement design ideas, basement building costs and basement construction techniques will find answers here. Back in 1992 and a few hundred finished basements ago…I was just like most homeowners, wondering ...Read More

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