Basement Finishing Project (Before, During and After Video)

Apr 24,2017

Avoiding Finished Basement Roadblocks This post goes out to all of my fellow d.i.y. basement finishing bosses who are faced with nasty ugly basement obstacles, that are smack in the middle of Basement Progress Avenue. You know what I'm talking about...speed bumps like poles, pipes, wires, beams maybe a furnace or a water name it...right where you wish they weren't located. ...Read More

Finished Basement Ideas (Your Basement Design is King)

Apr 07,2017

FINISHED BASEMENT IDEAS ( "Your Design is King!") We wrapped-up a really awesome basement project a few weeks ago that had some of the nicest features you can add to a finished basement! Our clients wanted an all out "entertainment zone" style basement and they knew exactly what elements they we're looking for in their new finished space. We ...Read More

NEW Basement Design Ideas Before and After Video!

Dec 12,2016

BASEMENT DESIGN ROADBLOCK SOLUTIONS   Last week we wrapped-up another awesome finished basement project! Our project had it's usual share of basement design obstacles we had to work around...but nothing out of the ordinary.     We had 7 basement design obstacles on this project. Most  all of these 7 roadblocks are things that are found down in most ...Read More

Proof Finishing Your Basement Yourself Pays-Off!

Nov 21,2016

I like to share my basement finishing student's successes with my blog readers whenever I get a new testimonial from one of my recent students. One such student is Ryan Robinson. Ryan was kind enough to send me some awesome before and after pictures of his basement project that he just completed. After looking at the ...Read More

How To Hide A Basement Wood or Steel Beam

Nov 12,2016

Overhead obstacles are everywhere it seems in the basement world! I call this overhead basement finishing area the"Ceilingscape"...that's my word...I own! Most of the time these eyesores are exactly where you don't what them or need them to be located. But the good news is, all of these obstacles overhead can be hidden and made to ...Read More

How To Light A Basement (6″ recessed lights)

Oct 05,2016

Let's face it...most basements are dark by nature! For most of us our basement is starved of natural light from a lack windows and doors that just aren't present. So a finished basement space needs to be artificially lit with plenty of light fixtures. But what fixtures work best in the basements? What light fixtures will ...Read More

How To Hide UGLY basement poles! (Inside a wall or pillar)

Oct 04,2016

Who here wishes they didn't have any of those UGLY basement support poles to deal with? If you said yes...that makes two of us! And these columns seem to everywhere we don't want them to be! Like right out in the middle of our home theater or in the middle of the bathroom...they seem to always be in ...Read More

Finishing Your Basement and Updating Its Design

Sep 18,2016

A finished basement can make for some great extra space in your home. Whether you’re looking for a place for the kids to play, an extra entertaining space for guests, or a place for visitors to stay, a finished basement can be looked as like an extension without making major changes to the structure of your ...Read More

How to Frame around the duct-work in basements

Jul 15,2016

Ahhh yes… that same nagging question that haunts so many D.I.Y. homeowners “How do I frame around all the duct-work overhead in the basement? There’s a bunch of other stuff you have to frame around up there as well! You got your wires, your pipes, and the biggest obstacle of em all… those big ole lengths of duct-work. ...Read More

How to Design Your Finished Basement

Jun 21,2016

A question that I get asked frequently by basement clients and students is “How would you design mybasement?” and I always start the conversation with the same two questions…”well that all depends on: What you want to use the new finished spaces for, and How much money do you have to spend on your project” This is where ...Read More

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