Most basement finishing contractors have switched from the old-school copper water supply system to the modern PEX water supply system. No longer do plumbers have to “sweat” copper pipes and fittings together with a torch flame and solder! PEX water systems a less expensive, quicker to install, and have a better “blow-out” pressure rating than copper as well.

Along with the PEX system comes a whole new way of making the new connections at fixtures and fittings. PEX fittings are fastened in one of two ways, either by a PEX “crimp ring” or a “push-on” style pressure gasket fitting, neither type requires soldering, just crimp-on or push-on and you’re done!

I would safely say that PEX plumbing in the basement is 3 time faster to install than copper plumbing. PEX water lines comes in 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, and other sizes making it perfect for residential usage. PEX water lines are super flexable and actually come in “rolls” of tubing similar to electric wire! Just unroll the PEX water line and you can then “bend it” around corners from point A to B with out all of the fittings that you would need to do the same identical plumbing “run” using “old school” copper pipes!

My company uses PEX for 100% of our basement bathrooms, basement wet bars, and basement laundry area plumbing needs. PEX water systems are here to stay you can bank on that! We like to use the “SharkBite” PEX fittings when we can, these things are ridiculously easy to install, my dog could plumb a basement bathroom with these things! Find em, buy em, use em, thank me later!

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