In a finished basement there is always “stuff” that needs to be gotten too! Things like shut-offs to water lines and gas lines, sewage line clean-out caps, doorbell transformers, electric junction boxes, radon meters, etc.!

Most of these items reside overhead and will eventually be up inside your drywall ceilings ( I don’t do drop ceilings) and you need to have immediate access to them in case of an emergency situation. I know a lot of homeowners who really stress over the future access to these items once the basement has been completely finished. But there is no need for worry!

I’ve got the perfect solution for these items that will make them readily accessible quickly any time you need to get to them, the solution is called (drum roll please) an …….Access Panel…Tah-Da! Yep the trusty ole “plumbers access panel”. Works like a charm every time.

Where ever there is as need for future access to one of these items, be it in the ceiling or inside the walls, the access panel can be quickly open-up and the item will be at your beck-n-call! See…NO PROBLEM! Too many folks get hung-up on accessibility issues…I know, I hear it all the time from my clients! “What if I need to get to this, that and the other…”, I tell em access panels man! It’s the way to go.

A lot of homeowners want drywall ceilings because they are higher, look like the rest of the homes ceilings, can be painted, look better with recessed lights, but, are afraid of the prospect of not being able to “get to the stuff” after the drywall is hung. Well now you know you can and should drywall your ceilings and forget about it! Suspended ceilings are not where it’s at…PERIOD (my opinion only)! There I said it! Get over it! Drywall ceilings are the real deal and therefore you should have them(my opinion). Drop ceilings are for “basements” not for a “finished lower level” of the house:-)

If it does not need to be accessed for servicing of some sort, drywall over it. Things like duct-work, water lines, gas lines, electric wires, cable TV wires, etc. don’t need to have access. Think about it this way, if you live in a 2 story house you have this same stuff between your first and second floor ceilings! Ever worry about that stuff? Of course not, because most folks don’t even know it’s there in the first place, this stuff does not need to gotten too…get it? So don’t worry about all the stuff in the basement any longer. Give yourself access to what actually needs to be gotten to…and forget the rest because it just doesn’t matter!

Hope this helps!

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