Plumbing PEX Water Tie-in’s

Most basement finishing contractors have switched from the old-school copper water supply system to the modern PEX water supply system. No longer do plumbers have to “sweat” copper pipes and fittings together with a torch flames and solder! PEX water systems a less expensive, quicker to install, and…

Plumbing Water Lines w/ PEX

Along with the PEX system comes a whole new way of making the new connections at fixtures and fittings. PEX fittings are fastened in one of two ways, either by a PEX “crimp ring” or a “push-on” style pressure gasket fitting, neither type requires soldering, just crimp-on or push-on and…

Shower Framing Tips

Installing a shower or tub/shower unit in your 3/4 or Full bathroom in your new finished basement? If you are then positioning and securing your new unit to the wall framing is a breeze if you know a few framing tricks. Adding “flange nailers” to your existing basement framing so that…

Shower Install Tips

If your planning a Full Bath project in your finished basement that includes a either a walk-in shower or a tub/shower unit, there are several stages of plumbing these units into position you will have to undertake. None of these stages are hard, and can be easily mastered by just following a…

Ejector Pump do I need one?

Planning a new finished basement project that’s going to have a bathroom, bar or laundry room? If you said yes then you have to start thinking about your sewage lines! Not the most glamorous topic for discussion I will admit, but another topic that we must discuss if you are planning on installing any new plumbing systems in the finished basement. The big question that is everyone’s mind is…

Creating access to shutoffs

In a finished basement there is always “stuff” that needs to be gotten too! Things like shut-offs to water lines and gas lines, sewage line clean-out caps, doorbell transformers, electric junction boxes, radon meters, etc.! Most of these items reside overhead and will eventually be up inside your drywall ceilings.

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