Cutting paper-faced fiberglass insulation for your basement finishing project can be an itchy task! One way to keep the itching to a minimum is knowing how to handle and cut fiberglass insulation in your basement.

The best way to do this is by laying your insulation down on the floor and use a “cutting board” by placing it underneath your piece of insulation. Then use a sharp utility blade to cut through the insulation pieces keeping your cut directly on top of the “cutting board. Cutting your insulation this way gives you clean crisp cuts and won’t dull the edge of your utility blade.

Always were protective gloves and safety glasses when handling fiberglass insulation in the basement! Also, wear a long sleeve shirt and jeans to protect the skin of your arms and legs from direct contact with the insulation. It’s best to wear a protective dust mask as well to keep the insulation particles from getting into your mouth/nose and into your respiratory system.

Cutting Insulation | How to Cut Insulation

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