As you frame your basement project you will soon discover that not all walls are build alike! Some are taller, some are shorter, others are made up of both short and tall sections. I teach folks to build their walls while the wall is laying flat down on the basement floor during its construction.

I don’t like “stick framing” where you fasten your top and bottom plates to the floor and ceiling first and then go back and add each 2″ x 4″ stud one at a time after-the-fact to the wall…takes to much time and is reserved for not-knowing amateurs (just my opinion), and, requires “toe nailing” which is the wrong way to build wall sections!

Once each basement wall has been completely assembled flat on the floor, it is then stood up and worked into it’s final fastening position. Not all walls top plates get fastened to the bottom of the floor joists, some do, but not all of them. Some walls need to be fastened on both ends in between two other walls because the wall is short in height and will not reach the floor joists above. One such example of this type of “short wall” would be any wall that’s completely located underneath the “duct-work trunks” overhead in the basement. These walls can only be fastened at both ends of the wall and to the concrete floor to secure them in place.

This video demonstrates one such wall we built that fit’s this description. It’s a simple operation to do, and it works every time. Check it out. Good luck with your project!

Questions about your wall framing? Leave me comments and feedback below and I’ll get back in touch with you!

Good luck with your basement project!



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