Framing areas around the steps in your basement project seems to cause a lot of homeowners to “freeze-up” with “framing-fear”! Stairway framing usually involves some “angle cutting” and most of us just aren’t comfortable when figuring-out what angles to cut our basement framing pieces. But not to worry…it’s really quite easy to do, and I’d like to help you with this part of the basement framing project!/p>

This basement project typically becomes a 5-step banister rail assembly, meaning the top of the railing starts at the “nose” of the 5th step tread, and the bottom of the railing assembly ends at the “Newel Post” located near the base of the 1st step riser location. Stairway balusters come in many styles and are made from many different types of building materials. Choosing your style of balusters is a personal choice, but I like to match the homes other existing stairway style when possible to carry the homes existing trim theme./p>

The handrail itself is positioned between the top of the newel post at the bottom of the banister and usually connected to a “Rosette” block at the top of the banister assembly. The center of the banister assembly is formed by inserting the “Balusters” between the bottom of the handrail and the “angled” Stair Cap.

There are a few tricks to assembling these key components in your basement stairway, but overall it’s not to difficult of a trim carpenter project to complete. A properly built Banister Railing assembly adds considerable beauty to any set of steps leading to the basement!/p>

The stairway “framing” stage which precedes the trim carpentry stage of the banister project is much easier and faster to complete. The only material that’s needed to complete the basement stairway “angle-wall” framing is a few 2″ x 4″ ‘s. The tools needed are the:/p>

I think every basement staircase deserves a banister railing assembly to turn the boring old basement steps into something extraordinary! Can’t be scared! “It’s time to put your tool belt on!”

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