Framing basement door openings is so EASY! Most every door that my company frames has the same exact height measurement for each door, which measures 83″ from the concrete floor to the bottom of the header framing. This really never changes. With 83″ you know the door will fit height-wise and if installed properly the new door will not drag on a carpeted floor, so there’s no door cutting needed!

Now, the width will change from door to door, but it’s still very easy to determine the “rough framing” width for your new doors. All you do is take whatever actual door size you are installing, be it a 36″, 32″, 24″…whatever size door it is, and then add 2″ to that door size and that’s the size “rough opening” width you will frame that door. So for instance…If you are going to install a 24″ door to a room, you will be framing the width for that door (24″+ 2″ = 26″) 26″! Easy right! Sure it is! And this goes for any size door you are going to be installing in your basement including exterior doors!

Now there are certain instances where you must “cut-down” your basement doors to fit in areas where the ceiling is to low for a standard size door. In these instances, you must cut the bottom of the door it’self and the door jamb as well. I have much more detailed information about cutting-down doors to fit in low basement ceiling situations in my “How to Hang Basement Doors” trim video, located at the basement store (

Framing doors in your basement is a snap if you just follow these measurement guidelines. Your doors will slide-right-on-in come trim day if you follow these door framing rules!

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