Wiring a set of recessed light fixtures is really a very simple procedure! With today’s modern advances in recessed light fixture design, the wiring portion of the recessed light has been greatly simplified.

Most new recessed light “canisters” have a new “stab-lock” connector plug fitting on the ends of each light wire inside the light fixture “fire-box”. This new stab-lock fitting makes it possible to make all of the recessed light connections without having to use any nut-caps at all!

The only tools needed to wire these recessed lights is a pair of standard wire strippers which you use to shorten and strip the light wires and a utility knife with a sharp blade to cut-back the protective outer casing of the 14-2 light wire to expose the black, white and green internal light wires.

And for you “techies” I should mention that 14/2 wire is acceptable for 15Amp circuits and you should plan the amount of lights on the circuit based off the MAX wattage rating for the fixtures (normally 100 Watt max. spot bulbs)… so no more than 1480W total for a 15A circuit or 14.8 lights per switched light circuit. Generally ceiling lights are on a separate circuit to prevent dimming from high load inductance caused by appliances such as vacuums, refrigerator compressors and other household equipment that “pull” larger amounts of electric current.

In other words for the less technical crowd, no more that 14 lights on a switch should be installed. But, I make it a rule-of-thumb to install NO MORE than 8 recessed lights on one switched circuit just to be extra safe! And I NEVER mix my outlet circuits with my lighting circuits…EVER…NEVER!

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