Stop! Before you continue with the hanging your walls…are all of your ceilings finished being hung? Hanging ceilings always comes before the walls. So make sure your 100% finished with the ceiling hanging  first!

If your ceilings are all hung it’s now time to begin hanging the walls. Hanging the drywall on the walls of your basement project is much easier physically than hanging the ceilings! No more lifting the sheets up over your head, it’s wall time! Hanging walls should move much faster for you than hanging the ceilings.

You will start up high on the walls against the ceiling with the first sheets and then work your way down towards the floor. The drywall gets hung width-wise with the 4′-0″ width of the board towards the ceiling. You will normally never be “standing your drywall up-and -down” on the walls length-wise. Always try and minimize any vertical seams between the sheets of drywall whenever possible. You want your drywall seams to be horizontal whenever possible to make finishing as easy as possible.

Make sure you “stagger” your “Butt Joints” like we do in the video to help hide your Butt Joint seams as best they can be hidden.  Try and keep a 1/4″ to 1/2″ gap between the floor and your bottom sheets of drywall to prevent your board from “absorbing” moisture from your basement floor.

Make sure to use your drywall adhesive for each piece of drywall you hang on the walls to help prevent nail and screw “pops” in the future. Try using a drywall screw gun with an “adjustable cone” so you can preset the amount you want the heads of your drywall screws to be countersunk into the face of the drywall.

Once you finish with the wall hanging, you will then be ready to drywall tape all of your drywall seams. All of your Tapered Joints, Butt Joints and Inside and Outside corners will have drywall tape applied to them in the next stage of the drywall project. Good luck hanging your walls…have fun with it!

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