OK! So you have decided to try your hand at the drywall phase of your basement finishing project! Awesome! You can do this! It’s not rocket science brother, but, it does have it’s own set of directions. But if you follow properly, you will be rewarded with an outstanding finished drywall product, not to mention a nice chunk of change left in the old pocket!

Now, as with most any drywall project you will begin the project overhead as you will hang all of your projects ceilings first. Always start hanging at the top and work your way down to the floor when hanging drywall. This goes for basement, kitchens, baths…whatever your hanging, the “lids”, as the ceilings are called in the biz, get hung first.

Hanging ceilings is really a two-man project to make things a lot more simple. One man can hang them if he has at his disposal a “drywall lift” or “drywall hoist”, but most of us don’t own one and you can save some coin if you don’t have rent one for a  day or two! But even with 2 men, making a temporary drywall ceiling prop out of two 2″ x 4″‘s helps make this ceiling hanging a real breeze!

The tools that you will want to have on hand are a drywall screw gun, 5 lb’s of 1-1/4″ drywall screws, a drywall T-square, a quart-size chalk gun, some quart size tubes of drywall adhesive and a Rotozip cutting tool. These tools are all needed to get it done right the first time! You can also use a drywall saw to take the place of the Rotozip tool if you do not want to buy one (around$ 75.00).

I show you how to use these tools and drywall materials in the video above! Take your time and have fun with this project. Remember that drywall is a heavy building product and you should be very careful when lifting the boards up off the ground. Muscle pulls in the back, neck and shoulders are common if you are not careful when lifting. Once your basement drywall ceilings are hung each hanging phase will then get a little easier. Walls are next, and are not half as difficult to hang compared with ceilings!

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