The Drywall phase of any project is a very physical stage! I will tell you right now, that it’s not for everyone…but, it is an attainable goal that most of us can accomplish with the right training!

Below are a few videos that will introduce you to the basic 5 stages of a drywall project. Watch these videos before you signup as the drywall contractor on your project. These videos will help you make up your mind whether or not this stage of the basement project is for you.

If you decide to go for it yourself…god’s speed! If not, you will want to get 3 to 4 competing drywall contractor bids on the project and check references thoroughly before making your final hiring decision!

Good luck with your drywall project!

Hanging Ceiling Drywall

OK! So you have decided to try your hand at the drywall phase of your basement finishing project! Awesome! You can do this! It’s not rocket science brother, but, it does have it’s own set of directions. But if you follow properly, you will be rewarded with an outstanding finished drywall product, not to mention a nice…

Hanging Drywall Walls

Stop! Before you continue with the hanging your walls…are all of your ceilings finished being hung? Hanging ceilings always comes before the walls. So make sure your 100% finished with the ceiling hanging  first! If your ceilings are all hung it’s now time to begin hanging the walls. Hanging the drywall on the walls…

How to Tape Drywall Seams

Alrighty then! (Ace Ventura…)! Your drywall should all be hung at this stage of the game. All of your ceilings, soffits and walls are all hung, screwed, and glued baby! GREAT JOB if you’ve gotten this far with the drywall project…congratulations your well on your way to completing a world-class drywall finishing project! It’s now time to “mix Mud” and grab a roll of tape…

How to Finish Drywall

Before you can begin applying the finish coats of joint compound to your drywall project make sure that you have now completed all of your drywall hanging (ceilings, soffits and walls) and have all of your taping completed for all Inside corners, Tapered Joints, and Butt Joints. You will also want to have applied all of your cornerbead to your outside corners (walls, soffits, columns, archways, etc.). Once these phases have been 100% completed you are now ready for…

How To Sand Drywall

Alright! It’s sanding day! Time to make some serious dust in the finished basement! This is where I tell folks that cry to much about construction dust that “you can’t bake a cake without dirtying the pan”! It’s a dusty dirty job drywall sanding! No and’s if’s or but’s about it your going to make dust. OK…I beat that to death I know, but It’s better to know this before you begin so you can take precautions to limit the amount of dust that will try and reach your personal belonging! Purchase a big…

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