Designing your basement is the first step in the basement finishing process. Before the hammers, saws and job radio start ringing with actual hands-on construction progress, there is designing work to be done! You can’t start building (framing) your basement without a clear-cut plan of attack. You need a workable design and then a finished Floor Plan with dimensions to build from.

But this might seem easier said than done! As we all know the basement is full of “stuff” that seems to be in the way of progress! You know what I’m talking about here..the support columns are in the way, there’s furnaces, water heaters, sump pump pits, pipes, wires, duct work overhead and on and on and on! What to do!?

Well, the good news is, there is ALWAYS a way to go around all of this stuff, all of these nasty obstacles, and still come-out smelling like a rose! There are so many different ways to design around all of the ugly obstacles down in your unfinished basement.

The trick is, knowing what can be done and what can’t realistically be done! A lot of homeowners diving into a basement finishing project for the first time aren’t really sure what is feasible and what isn’t. for instance…You really can’t remove the support columns in your road because they are holding up the house! You can’t move them either…well, you can…but not with out adding a larger beam to support the floor above (very costly and involved to do!). But the good news is you can turn those steel columns in the road into design elements that are quite attractive and useful features in your new spaces!

Your homes mechanical systems such as the furnace, water heater, electric panel, and so on, can be cleverly hidden away from view with the right floor plan design. The ugly obstacles that hang above your head in the basement like air-conditioning and heating duct-work, water pipes and wires can all be hidden away quite easily in the new “ceiling-scape” (that’s my word please don’t steal it) never to be seen again, but with access to all of the important stuff that need to be serviced in the future. It’s really easy to do!

It may seem a little overwhelming at first but with the right plan and the proper design training, any obstacle that is seemingly in your road now can be “designed-away” very easily! Remember: “there is a creative option for every obstacle you will face during your basement finishing project!” A way to make anything professionally and beautifully seem to just disappear!

Good luck with your basement project!

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