I wanted to create a training system that could “baby step” any homeowner through a complete basement finishing project. From design concepts, through the floor plan design and then right through to the finished new living space. This training system would have to take a homeowner who has never even lifted a hammer and train them to complete an entire basement finishing project with no outside help whatsoever. A pretty tall task I thought at first, and I wasn’t exactly sure how I could make a product so detailed that it would enable anyone to do this project themselves. How could I really this?

I began this project just looking around to see what was available for homeowners looking for basement finishing ideas and basement finishing instruction and all I found was books at the checkouts at the Big Box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. I thumbed through most of them to see what homeowners purchasing these books were being taught. I have admit I was thinking to myself how could someone who has never held a hammer or power tool possibly use this information and successfully produce a professional looking finished basement?

There were about 3 or 4 books dedicated to just basement finishing at the checkout. All they consisted of were mostly pretty pictures, vague diagrams, and drawings of some framing and trim ideas that I figured no inexperienced homeowner could actually use to start and finish an entire basement project themselves. There was just not enough detailed information in these books. The information was fragmented and incomplete in just about every category (framing, electric, plumbing, trim, etc.).

So where does a homeowner with no experience in construction find the training they need to finish a basement professionally? Well, they could go to a trade school for 2 years and learn the many trades one needs to know to finish a basement professionally…but who’s going to do that…besides nobody?!

Now I have been training new workers at my basement finishing company how to finish basement professionally for the last 22 years. I’ve taken guys and gals right out of high school and trained them very quickly how to finish basements from A to Z with incredible results. Kids basically, with ZERO construction knowledge now able to run circles around most anybody while finishing basements. And that’s when HIT ME like a ton of bricks, this stuff only really works if your actually standing there watching the professional remodeling contractor do this stuff live right in front of your eyes. And that’s when I decided that this was the only way that I could and would teach my homeowner students. Talk about the “light bulb coming on”!

I decided right then and there to produce a complete video-based training system that would be so detailed, so explicit,  that anyone who purchased this product would possess all of the skill sets and insider knowledge needed to finish basements. A system that would get the job done right, with minimal mistakes and maximum efficiency. A product that would ultimately save the homeowner both time and some BIG money in the process!

It took us 18 months of filming, editing and producing what we now call the Basement Finishing University. This is without a doubt the most detail oriented, step-by-step basement finishing system currently available on the market. We are very proud to have made this comprehensive training product available for homeowners everywhere.

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