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  • Hiding Basement Poles

    Hiding Basement Poles

  • How to Frame a 45 Degree Angle Wall

  • How to Design a Basement (around typical obstacles)

  • Basement Ceiling Ideas (Planning Your way Around the Obstacles)

  • Basement Finishing Student Gives You A Guided Tour of his basement!

  • Before and After Basement Finishing Design Ideas!

Basement Design Idea Videos

Your finished basement project actually begins before you put on your tool belt or purchase any building materials. The basement project really begins quietly in your minds eye. By that I mean…you first have to put your imagination to work for you to come up with the design for your new space. A detailed basement floor plan needs to be created for you to follow during the actual construction phases your basement project. No design…No finished basement!

Basement Electric Videos

The electric phase of your basement project consists of two main phases, the rough-in electric and the finished electric phases. Each has it’s own areas of expertise that you need to be aware of for the safe and correct completion of both. The basement electric project is a rather simple one that you can tackle yourself, but…there are important rules that need to be followed to ensure no complications in the future.

Basement Framing Videos

The framing stage of your basement project is where you will be “breaking-out” the tools for the first time. For framing, you’ll be using a combination of hand & power tools down on your jobsite. The framing of your walls, soffits, ceilings, any built-in’s etc., create the skeleton for your new basement spaces. Your framing is the critical structural foundation that will support the rest of the basement project stages that follow…it MUST be done the right way. I love to frame, and would like to teach you how to do it if you don’t know how!

Basement Plumbing Videos

Planning a bathroom, wet bar or possibly a new laundry area in your new basement space? If yes, then you will be visiting plumbing world. This is magical place filled with water supply lines, waste pipes and a plethora of fabulous fittings. Gone are the days of copper pipes, solder and scary torches for making plumbing connections…today’s modern plumbing methods offer you safe, quick and affordable solutions that enable anyone to “plumb” like a Pro. You can and should be planning on doing your own plumbing. This is where you can save some BIG money in contractor fees.

Basement Insulation Videos

We all want our finished basement to be cozy and comfortable both in the winter and the summer seasons. A properly insulated basement will help to ensure that this will be the case. There are a lot of insulation options that we can choose from when deciding which insulation materials we should be using in our walls and ceilings. But…all insulation materials are NOT created equal, some do a better job than others, and still others should never be used at all.

Basement Drywall Videos

To drywall or not to drywall your basement yourself?…that is the question! I will tell you that the drywall phase of any type of home improvement project is the most physically demanding stage of the project. It’s also the dirtiest! It also has a bit of a learning curve associated with it before you’ll find yourself “hanging and finishing” the stuff like a pro. But if you decide to do it yourself, you can save on average $2,000.00 to $3,000.00 in contractor labor. If you were going to subcontract any portion of your finished basement project out due to the lack of physical ability or lack of skill, this might be one to consider.

Basement Trim Videos

The trim stage is the phase of the project where you get the chance to “showcase” your craftsmanship and show off your new skill sets! Nobody that visits your finished basement will ever see the framing, electric or plumbing work you completed…but they will definitely be looking at your trim work. Your base trim, window and door trim, the new doors, etc., that’s the stuff that we all see. When installing your trim it’s not about how fast you get the job done, this is when you simply need to slow-down the pace and make each and every cut of the saw one of perfection!

Finished Basement Idea Tours

Nothing stirs the imagination when working on your basement design better than looking at someone else’s beautifully finished basement. You see a great looking basement in a picture and your imagination begins to take-off. But, my favorite way to open up the creative mind and get my creative juices flowing is by watching videos of other homeowners finished basements. I’ll watch a few videos with a pad & pen, jot down all the cool ZONES that I see, and the new ideas for latest project begin to take form!

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