Oct 13,2015

Well here’s a sexy topic…Basement Toilets…Oh yeah bring it on!

How Do Basement Toilets WorkA basement toilet is a necessary addition to your basement bathroom, but plumbing a basement toilet is a different animal. Check out these solutions for installing a new “Porcelain God” in your basement bathroom.

One option for basement plumbing is below ground water and waste pipes. If your home has the sewer-line that runs deep enough for gravity (below the basement concrete floor level) to take care of waste disposal, then you may be in luck.

If this is the case, then your plumbing will be able to run on gravity only, just as it does above ground. In most cases you can tie right into the existing “under-floor” sewage line and your done!

In-floor Sewage Ejector System for Basement Bathrooms

How Do Basement Toilets WorkIf the sewer-line is not exiting the house below the concrete floor-line,  then you need to consider another plumbing method…the sewage-ejector system.

These systems work like a septic tank in the sense that they are enclosed container that sits beneath the concrete floor, they collect the bathroom waste water and then pump it up-and-out of the basement into you existing septic system.

This below the floor style sewage ejector system is the “Top -of -the Line” for basement bathroom waste water pumping, and is the ONLY system I recommend to my clients.

I install the sewage ejector you see here in the storage room or build it’s own closet to hide the system from view. There is a complete video training series inside the members area if your interested in installing your own system.

Installing yourself will save you approximately $750.00 in pure labor! The sewage ejector system materials cost around $450.00 to purchase. We get all our sewage ejector systems at Home Depot.

Up Flush Basement Toilet System

How Do Basement Toilets WorkThey do make a toilet that has a self-contained sewage pump inside of the base of the toilet that will also pump the toilet waste water up and out as well.

But…this system won’t help you out if your wanting to install a tub, shower, laundry facility, or wet bar in your basement without building-up your basement floor height to promote a natural gravity flow to the unit it’self.

These have also been known to harbor an unpleasant odor from time to time and are just not my favorite choice for handling a basement bathroom toilet.

Whereas the in-floor sewage ejector system I’m recommending, in addition to taking care of toilet waste water, will also take care of the other fixtures (laundry, bar sink, shower, tub, etc) that also need a gravity fed drain system without building-up the floor in the basement.

The in-floor ejector system takes care of getting any type of waste water in the basement to it’s final destination in the easiest matter possible.

Overview of sewage ejector system video below:

The in-floor sewage ejector system  is a project that you can do your self. The saving for doing this project yourself are in the neighborhood of $750.00 to 1,000.00 in labor…that’s a chunk of change your keeping in the bank. If interested…I do have complete training videos for install this unit in the members area if your interested in doing your own install.

Sewage Ejector Plumbing Diagram Shows how the system works:

How Do Basement Toilets Work

Materials Needed for a In-Floor Sewage Ejector System Installation:

OK…to put this system together you will need  the following main Items:

How Do Basement Toilets Work

  1. The Sewage Basin – This is the holding tank essentially for the bathroom nastiness that drains from your toilet, shower/Tub and sink. This unit gets installed down in the floor “flush” with the concrete floor. All of the wast water from the bathroom will enter this basin from beneath the floor inside an interconnected 3″ or 4″ PVC pipe system that you have installed. The cost of this basin is under $50.00. The sewage basin also needs a “Lid-Kit” that is usually sold separate for right around $45.00

  2. How Do Basement Toilets Work

  3. Sewage Ejector Pump – This is the actually pump that sits down inside the very bottom of the sewage basin. This pumps  purpose is to grind-up the waste products in the bathroom waste water that enters the basin and then pump it up and out of the basin into your homes existing waste water system. Price on this pump is approximately $ 275.00

  4. How Do Basement Toilets Work

  5. 2″ Check Valve – This 2″ valve holds back water pressure and keeps any waste water from flowing back down into the sewage ejector basin after it has already been ejected. Price of the 2″ check valve is $15.00. The 2″ check valve is connected to the 2″ PVC discharge line coming out of the top of the sewage pump. It’s located directly above the sewage ejector basin (not inside the basin)

  6. How Do Basement Toilets Work

  7. 2″ Schedule 40 PVC Pipe and fittings – The 2″ PVC pipe is used to discharge waste water and also to Vent the sewage ejector system. There is a 2″ discharge pipe and a 2″ Vent-line pipe that come up out of the sewage ejector basin through the lid-kit and connect to your home existing waste water system and vent system. You will need approximately 20′ to 40′ of 2″ schedule 40 PVC pipe to make all of the necessary discharge and vent connections to complete the installation of the system. There will also be several 2″ PVC fittings required to make the final connections to complete the system.

If your using the in-floor type sewage ejector system you can choice ant type of standard toilet your heart desires! This system makes it possible for your basement bathroom to look, sound, feel and smell just like any other bathroom in your home. It’s the top dog of basement bathroom ejection systems!

How Do Basement Toilets Work  How Do Basement Toilets Work

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