Jun 06,2016


Basement IdeasYou can get some really great ideas that will stir your creative juices for finishing a new basement just looking at  pictures of what other homeowners have created in their little piece of Heaven! You need to be doing this!

Pictures are the best way to help you paint that awesome finished basement picture in your mind. There are just some fantastic, mind blowing finished basements out there that present us with a million and one ideas for finishing our own basement.

Basement IdeasMy favorite place to start a search for “basement finishing ideas” is with our good friend Google. But not just any Google search for “basement finishing ideas”…but a Google IMAGES search.

With an Images search you get nothing but pictures of exactly what you want to see, and in our case it’s just pictures of awesome finished basements.


Now…if it’s design solving basement ideas you looking for, Google Images is NOT going to do you much good. For ideas that will help you “Design” your basement floor plan around the most common obstacles in the basement, you will need a specific source of basement remodeling design techniques.


OK…let’s say you have now have in your “minds eye” the perfect finished basement. Your plan has some really cool mind blowing stuff it it! All of those pictures in the Google Image searches have you salivating. It’s now time to take those finished basement ideas and put them on paper…creating a real working floor plan!

It’s now time to create your basement floor plan…but wait…what’s that you say…there’s all kinds of stuff in the way in your basement that’s keeping you from being able to design your basement the way you want too?

Welcome to the fabulous world of basement finishing, where usually nothing is straight forward and being design creative is a prerequisite for your floor plan creation. Meaning you got’s to know how to design around all the “stuff” down in your basement… and there’s usually a lot of it.

Basement IdeasWhat you need are some great ways to make all that stuff in your road disappear. But it has to be done tastefully, beautifully, and professionally or your finished project isn’t going to turn out like your Google Image search pictures…that’s for sure.

This is where you need could use the assistance of someone who has been where your heading hundreds of time before, and knows this stuff like the back of their hand. This is where you want to learn from other people’s design mistakes so you don’t make them yourself.

Basement IdeasThere’s literally hundreds of ways to navigate around the obstacles in your basement that will give you the “look” your after. But having no experience with basement finishing construction techniques can be a deal breaker for most of us.

This is where I’d like to help you out. I’ve been in the basement finishing trenches for 22 years.

I have not seen it all mind you, but…I’ve seen lot.  I’ve designed over 2500 basements and finished over 500 basements since 1992…I have a lot of design “insider” help to share with you. So…pick my brain!

Below is a Design video that will show you some cool ways to work around the most common obstacles in your basement.

So can you now see that just having a pretty picture of what you want your finished basement to end up looking like is NOT enough.

You also need basement finishing design ideas to go along with those pretty pictures. An awesome finished basement design and finished working floor Plan are also needed in the real world to Jell the visions of your finished basement together with the actual finished basement product.

Basement Ideas
Basement Ideas

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