Apr 24,2017

Avoiding Finished Basement Roadblocks

This post goes out to all of my fellow d.i.y. basement finishing bosses who are faced with nasty ugly basement obstacles, that are smack in the middle of Basement Progress Avenue.

You know what I’m talking about…speed bumps like poles, pipes, wires, beams maybe a furnace or a water heater…you name it…right where you wish they weren’t located. Darn it! What to do…what to do!?

Well 99 times out of 100 you ain’t movin them somewhere else. They’re staying firmly right where they currently located. So that means we need to roll up our sleeves, put-on our “Design Thinking Caps” and think our way past each roadblock. But first…you will need to know what options you have to work with, and then the rest is easy

In the simplest terms, you must learn how to “Frame Your Way Around” the roadblocks. But even before the framing starts, you must first design your way around these obstacles. 

I talk an awful lot about basement designing in my basement training and for good reason. Without a solid design, your basement project is more or less doomed from day one. Without as solid plan to work and build from, you’re like a ship without a rudder floating aimlessly around in the ocean…eventually you will hit land, but most likely NOT where you want to end up!

In today’s Blog video, I walk you through a basement I just finished. We’ll  look at how we navigated around the basement obstacles we were faced with on this project. I’ll show you the before, during and after footage of each roadblock.

I hope this video will help you with your basement design and working floor plan.

Good luck with your project.


“It’s Time To Put Your Tool Belt On!”




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