YOU can wire your own basement! The basement electric project is definitely a doable DIY project. It’s almost embarrassingly simple to do…no really it is! Check this out…

The basement electric project is a 2 stage project:


Basement Wiring | How to Wire Your Basement1.) Rough-in Electric –  First you have the “Rough-in Electric” phase which consists of you just installing the electric wires themselves all done before drywall is installed. This is extremely simple to do. If you can drill a 3/4″ holes through a few 2″ x 4″s and then stick a piece of wire through those holes your qualified to “rough wire” for your future outlets, switches and light fixtures. No degree from MIT needed.


Basement Wiring | How to Wire Your Basement2.) Finished Electric – Second you’ll be installing a few outlets, switches and light fixtures and making the connections to the wires you “rough wired” during theRough-in Electric stage. The Finished Electric is done after drywall is finished.


Side Note: I taught my then 8 year and 11 year old daughters to install standard outlets and make the connections one weekend afternoon and did it in about 10 minutes time! They proceeded to install the 40 outlets 100% making all the connections in our own  homes 1,500 sq. ft. basement. And YES…I did double-check all there electric work(of course!) and they passed my inspection with flying-colors! So you have no excuses! (PLEASE NO CHILD LABOR LAW SPEECHES …LOL…WE HAD FUN!)

Both rough-in and the finish electric stages are completed 100% before any electricity ever enters the wires, switches, outlets, or light fixtures so it’s SAFE, SAFE, SAFE to perform all of this electric stage work without the danger of getting SHOCKED! Let me say that again…it’s SAFE to rough wire your basement and then install all of your outlets, switches and Light fixtures!

This accounts for about 95% of the total basement electric project. The other 5% is you actually installing the breakers in the panel box. This is when you are actually working with “Live” electricity, and where you MUST BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL not to get shocked! I cover this stage of the electric in complete detail inside the members area in the Finished Electric Video Training.


YES! You can legally wire your own basement. If you weren’t sure…now you know YOU CAN.  You don’t have to have an electrician’s license, or need to be certified in electric or anything like that to  wire your basement. It’s as simple as going to Home Depot, purchasing your electric supplies, Studying the electric training in the members area, strapping on the old tool belt, turning the radio on and then rocking and rolling with it!

The only requirement you might have is, and this is depending on your city’s code office requirements, you may need to have your electric inspected as part of your building permit process. Call and check with your local building codes office to be sure.

And this new electric skill-set will pay dividends down the road too. The next time you want to add or change an existing light fixture, replace an outdated light switch or outlet anyplace in your home your going to feel like an electric God! Not mention the sweet sweet cash your going to save not having to hire an electrician ever again! Your wife may mysteriously want to snuggle with you again Basement Wiring | How to Wire Your Basement


Let’s start this off talking about what doing this project is going to SAVE you. The real money associated with wiring your basement is in the Labor if you sub this out to an outside electric contractor.

Basement Wiring | How to Wire Your Basement


If you were to hire an electrician to complete all phases of the electric project for your basement you would be spending on average between $1,500.00 to $2,500.00 in Labor…in just labor! But your doing it yourself so we can eliminate that dollar amount all together.

Man…I don’t know about you, but I’m saying “that’s what my big screen TV or my Pool Table or some nice furniture is going to cost me”. I’m keeping that money, I got better uses for all that green. You got to be thinking this way too.

The electric materials will cost you roughly $500.00 for all the wire needed, electric boxes, breakers, recessed light fixtures, outlets, switches, cable TV wire, phone wire, speaker wire and other misc. electric supplies. Any other electric items such as special lighting fixtures (bath fan unit, vanity light, ceiling fans, sconce lighting, etc.) would be in addition to this $500.00 material cost.


Wiring your basement is broken down into the following  4 step by step electric stages:

  • Electric Design (designing the outlet, switch and light fixture placements for the finished basement)
  • Electric device layout stage (electric blue-boxes installation)
  • Basement Rough wiring stage (aka “pulling wires”)
  • Electric device installation stage (installing outlets, switches, Light fixtures, breakers)


I have well over 10,000 students who I’ve trained to finish their own basement. I get  a lot email from these students on a daily basis with questions about their basement projects.

Occasionally I get feedback from my students in the form of testimonials telling about their basement finishing success and progress. This is the email that keeps me motivated and reminds of why I began teaching homeowners how to finish their own basements in the first place.

Well this morning I was checking my email and there was a cool email from a student of mine named Bobby. Bobby is the Minister of the First Baptist Church in Soddy Daisy, Tn.  This was one of the shortest emails I have ever gotten from any of my students yet it spoke volumes about what the training is doing for bobby project.

The email just said…

…Eddie look what you did!! You are amazing

And below this one line of text was an attachment that contained two images he wanted me to see. Below are those images:


Basement Wiring | How to Wire Your BasementBasement Wiring | How to Wire Your Basement

Bobby wanted me to see he had passed his Electrical and Plumbing inspections as part of his building permit inspection process!

Bobby is a guy who wasn’t quite sure which end of a hammer to pick-up just a few weeks ago! He now has wired his own basement and installed all of his own plumbing and has passed  his rough-in mechanical inspections for both stages and he did it all by himself. JUST AWESOME!

I wanted to post this to get you excited about doing your own electric (and plumbing)! If your thinking that maybe you can’t do this stuff, I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN DO THIS! I just had a 75 year old grandmother send me her testimonial…I’m not even kidding!

Other Basement Electric Interests…

I believe that you can and should wire your own basement project. The electric stage of the basement project is one of easiest in terms of physical labor and degree of difficulty in my book.

Good luck with your finished basement wiring projects. If you have any question about your electric projects please leave me feedback in comments section below on this page.

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