Preparing for the basement framing stage of your project

How do you frame a basement? That’s a loaded question now isn’t it! There are a lot of individual answers to this questions. Are we talking about our new basement walls? The ceilings or soffits overhead? Or are we talking about framing window and door openings or maybe built-in bookcases or art niches? Or stairway walls, or steps, or closets or,or,or,… see where I’m going here?!

Basement Framing | How to Frame a BasementThere are a bunch of individual techniques that make up the framing stage of a basement project. Each one just as important as the next. I could write for hours on the subject of how to frame a basement but that would most likely just bore you to death, it would me!

I find most homeowners wanting to frame their own basement learn best by actually watching someone else do it right in front of their eyes. I know because I’m very much a visual learner!

I get the book thing i guess…with all the pictures and the articles, illustrations and all that but that’s so vague at times. But actually watching someone else do it live right in front of me, really helps make it crystal clear and the information seems to sink right into my brain much faster!

So When I’m teaching homeowners how to frame their basement i’m doing it visually, with detailed training videos that I shoot while actually building my clients basements.

Basement Framing | How to Frame a BasementYou won’t find any books or manuals with pictures and stories about basement finishing included in my training methods…they just don’t give the reader enough actual hand’s-on resources to enable them to build an entire finished basement all by themselves…just my opinion mind you.

So when one of my students has a question about their framing project, I’ll  just direct them to that particular video where they can watch me do it and listen to me explain to them exactly what they need to be doing to complete their objective. How much better is that than reading  directions out of a book?

Now, I’m not talking about quick tip skirt-the-issue videos either, I’m talking about real substantive basement finishing lessons here, complete in every way possible.

So let’s look at the framing stage a little closer and break it down into pieces that we can sink our teeth into. Framing a basement consist of:


Each type of basement framing has it’s own set of directions associated with it. So…it would useless for me to say I can answer every question related to “How do I frame my basement” in this post! It can’t be done, not by anyone!

But, the good news is, none of the basement framing projects you need to complete are hard to learn. Remember this…“Framing is not Rocket Science”!  The average Joe can do this with just a little training, believe me when I say…YOU CAN DO THIS!

Basement Framing | How to Frame a BasementBelow I have a few Framing-tip videos for you. It’s just me and the guys slinging some 2″ x 4″ aroundand having some framing fun. I think you will get some good “inside framing information” from these basement framing videos. Good luck with your framing projects!


“It’s Time To Put Your Tool Belt On!”

Good luck with your framing projects. I’m always here if you have any questions about your basement framing! Just leave me a comment below and respond the same day!

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