Basement Waterproofing | How to Waterproof a BasementBefore starting your finished basement project the very first issue you need to address is:

“Is my basement wet?” , “Is my basement damp?” , or Is my basement “bone-dry”?  If your answer is “bone -dry congratulations you can start construction immediately!

But…if you answer is yes to either of the other two questions you have a water “issue” that needs correcting before ANY basement finishing begins. Wet and Damp represent two entirely different issues which need to be corrected using entirely different techniques.

So if your reading this right now saying “Oh crap that’s me” don’t fret…I have some easy fixes for most water “issues” detailed on this page, most of which you can do yourself and they won’t cost you “an arm and a leg”!

Damp Basements Fixes:

Basement Waterproofing | How to Waterproof a BasementA “Damp Basement” is usually a basement whose walls are constructed of “Block” masonry units (notconcrete). Masonry unit walls are very porous and are unfortunately prone to “Dampness issues” because water can easily “weep” through the block units causing patches of dampness in different locations throughout the basement.

This “dampness issue” is an easy fix for most basements. As long as the issue is not so extreme that it is causing water to puddle out onto the floor (which would make it a “Wet” basement not a “Damp” basement issue) you can fix this dampness issue with the following Dampness Proofing Wall solution.

Drylok Wall Damp-Proofing Solution

Basement Waterproofing | How to Waterproof a BasementDrylok is somewhat of a miracle product! If applied correctly to masonry unit basement walls, you will never again experience any dampness on your basement block unit walls. This is NOT a product for concrete walls, as concrete walls are “solid” concrete and not porous at all, it’s a waste of time and money to apply it to concrete.

Concrete walls do not get “damp”, concrete walls “leak” water in places where the concrete is either cracked through to the outside of the wall or in places where “holes” have been made in the wall to bring utilities through the wall into the basement( water main line, electric conduit, etc.).

Concrete walls can also suffer from water that enters the basement “over-top” the wall usually caused by poor grading issues. We have totally different methods for correcting wet concrete foundation wall water issues.

Re-grading Gutter Down-spouting

Basement Waterproofing | How to Waterproof a BasementMasonry block basement walls hate excessive ground water build-up! This increases what is called “hydro-static ground water pressure” around the outside of your foundation walls which causes the ground water table to rise around your house!…Which is the culprit and cause of all  masonry block wall dampness issues.

One of the biggest contributors for excess ground water problems is improperly graded gutter down-spouting. Another quick and inexpensive way to stop a damp basement is to simply extend the down-spouting away from your foundation walls in such a way that is the rain water is running away from your foundation instead of filling-up around it!

 Wet Basement Fixes:

A wet basement is categorized by any basement that has a continuous reoccurring stream of “standing water” on the basement floor. Whether your foundation is Block masonry units or concrete poured walls, if you have had puddles of water or inches of water in your basement and have already regraded your down-spouts away from the house, you have a Wet Basement, NOT a Damp Basement!

If this is you…don’t worry! There is a 100% fool-proof “waterproofing” (NOT a  damp-proofing system) system that you can install that will fix your “standing water” problem.

It’s called…(drum-roll)…the Perimeter Waterproof System…(chisssssh). And this is the Bad Boywaterproof system on the block. With one of these systems in-place you will sleep like a baby every night knowing 100% that your basement will NEVER again get wet…it’s virtually impossible for it to get wet!

Basement Waterproofing | How to Waterproof a BasementThe Perimeter Waterproof system works like this:

  1. It lets the water in! WHAT you say? Yep you heard correct, it lets the water into a self contained water channeling system.
  2. This system will REDIRECT this water where you want it to go…NOT where the water wants to go…That’s it.

In effect the Perimeter waterproof system is just like building a “moat” around the base of your house keeping your castle in the center of the moat “bone dry” 100% of the time forever and ever…Amen!

It’s also been called a pressure relief system, because by letting the water into the system, it lowers the water table around your basement walls, thereby reducing the water pressure that

builds-up around the outside of your basement wall reducing the water pressure to absolute zero! Result…NO MORE WATER ISSUES…EVER!

This is a system that you can install yourself, but is a super labor intensive and extremely dirty project. I sub-contract this work to a professional waterproofing contractor who not only does a fantastic job, but also guarantees the system free from leaks for LIFE!

So there you have it…a solution for any type of basement water issue is available. So you now have no reason NOT to finish your basement. Water is no longer an issue in your pursuit of your Dream Finished Basement Spaces!

Good luck with water issue projects. I’m always here if you have any questions about your basement project! leave me any feedback  or your questions below and I’ll get back with you usually the same day.

Check out the video below that discusses the basement “pressure relief” waterproof system which is viewed by many as the BEST solution for basement water issues.


Basement Waterproofing | How to Waterproof a Basement

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