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Your search for how to finish your basement, basement finishing ideas and basement finishing project cost has led you here… I have 23 years of basement finishing experience that I would like share with you during your basement project.
Together we’ll save money, time and avoid the costly mistakes beginners sometimes make. And we’ll have fun doing it!

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Basement Finishing University

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We’re one big basement finishing family here at the Basement Finishing University! Come on in and join us. It’s a one-time-cost to join and you’re a member for life. There’s over 100 basement training videos and counting inside with more being added every month.

Plus…I personally coach my students through their project! That’s right- you and me until you got the project 100% completed. Plus a ton of other cool training materials are waiting inside. What are you waiting for?

  • Step-by-Step Basement Finishing Videos (over 100!)
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  • Materials and Tools List (for every stage of the job)
  • 8 Cool Basement Designing Videos!…and much more!

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    NEW Basement Design Ideas Before and After Video!

    BASEMENT DESIGN ROADBLOCK SOLUTIONS   Last week we wrapped-up another awesome finished basement project! Our project had it's usual share of basement design obstacles we had to work around...but nothing out of the ordinary.     We had 7 basement design obstacles on this project. Most  all of these 7 roadblocks are things that are found down in most...

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    Proof Finishing Your Basement Yourself Pays-Off!

    I like to share my basement finishing student's successes with my blog readers whenever I get a new testimonial from one of my recent students. One such student is Ryan Robinson. Ryan was kind enough to send me some awesome before and after pictures of his basement project that he just completed. After looking at the...

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    How To Hide A Basement Wood or Steel Beam

    Overhead obstacles are everywhere it seems in the basement world! I call this overhead basement finishing area the"Ceilingscape"...that's my word...I own! Most of the time these eyesores are exactly where you don't what them or need them to be located. But the good news is, all of these obstacles overhead can be hidden and made to...

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Top Questions Readers Are Asking

Here are the Answers!

How much will my basement cost me to finish?

What is the cost of a basement? Well, that depends on one major factor…are you doing the project price to finish a basementyourself, or are you hiring a basement contractor to do the project for you? The price range between the two options will range from $10.00 a sq. ft. upwards to $35-45.00 per sq ft.

Basement Permits and Inspections – Do I need to get them?

The old question…”Do I need to get a building permit to finish my basement?” is a question I get a lot from my basement clients, and the answer to the question is YES if your city, town, municipality requires you to “pull” one. They always say “Pull a Permit” around my neck of the woods, although I’m not quite sure what we’re “pulling-on”? Anyways… that’s the answer to this mystery question.

How Do I Design a Basement Floor Plan? What Products Can Help Me?

The Basement Design…Hmmm…dream, dream, dream! The design possibilities are virtually endless for the unfinished basement. You probably have a good idea of what you would like to materialize down there in that now empty space, so now it’s time to put all those ideas together and create the basement Floor Plan. Check out the BASEMENT DESIGN section inside the MAIN STAGES drop-down menu at the top of this page for Basement Design help!

How Do You Waterproof a Basement?

Before starting your finished basement project the very first issue you need to address is:
“Is my basement wet?” “Is my basement damp?” , or Is my basement “bone-dry”? If your answer is “bone -dry congratulations you can start construction immediately! If not you need to correct any water issues immediately before any work begins!

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